EverBond™ PRO30 – 310ml Cartridge Artificial Grass Adhesive


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Everbond™ GrassGlue™ PRO 30 – 310ml Artificial Grass Adhesive Cartridge for Joining / Seaming Artificial Grass. You are buying a 310ml Artificial Grass Adhesive Cartridge to use in a standard cartridge gun. If you require more than one cartridge then please select a higher quantity.

To apply use our Everbond™ Notched Trowel to spread the adhesive over the seaming tape / concrete / wood / plastic surface.

The Strongest Synthetic Grass Adhesive in The UK

310ml Everbond™ Grass Glue PRO 30™ Cartridge – MADE IN GERMANY – Per tube you should expect to cover 4-5m in length when spreading with our notched trowel.

One component polyurethane adhesive for artificial grass adhesion (outdoor and indoor) excellent ridges.
To be used for artificial grass repairs or seams.

    1-component SPU adhesive for bonding artificial turf to suitable seaming tape
    ready to use
    no mixing – this is a 1 component glue. Unlike a lot of glues where you have to mix with hardener.
    no labeling required
    suitable for under-soil heating systems
    can also be used in cold weather conditions
    outdoor and indoor
    green aging-resistant
    resistant against humidity
    not sensitive to frost
    heat- and cold-resistant

To be used in conjunction with our high quality Artificial Grass Seaming Jointing Tape which is used to join artificial grass together.

Everbond™ Artificial Grass Adhesive can also be used if you are laying artificial grass directly to concrete, wood or plastic.

Please contact us for bulk orders on 01253 884060 – You can order pallets direct from the factory at a cheaper rate per tube.

Solvent Free Artificial Grass Glue. Made in Germany.

EverBond™ GRASSGLUE™ has been exclusively developed for the bonding of artificial grass. Extremely strong and durable, EverBond™ GRASSGLUE™ has been developed to withstand the planets severest of weather conditions. Germany’s strongest artificial grass adhesive can now be purchased here in the UK. Green adhesive that is coloured matched to most brands of artificial grass.

The UK’s first and only polyurethane artificial grass adhesive free of isocyanates and solvent free.
Used to permanently bond seams of artificial grass together when used in conjunction with EverBond™ Seaming Tape and permanently bonds to concrete, wood, asphalt, fibreglass and plastic.

EverBond™ GRASSGLUE™ is the ONLY solvent free one component artificial grass adhesive in the UK. The ready to use one component adhesive reduces waste and removes the dysfunctional task of mixing hardeners resulting in cleaner and faster artificial grass installations.

With quicker artificial grass installations and virtually no waste means the cost comparison with two component artificial grass adhesives is considerably cheaper.

Because EverBond™ GrassGlue™ is solvent free it can be used on indoor and outdoor surfaces that many solvent based products can’t. It also means that no special certificates are required for courier distribution.

When using the EverBond™ Notched Trowel Spreader the extremely strong adhesive maintains excellent ridges even during hot and cold climates and is also resistant to humidity and frost.

Artificial grass adhesive by EverBond™ GRASSGLUE™ can be supplied in a variety of sizes from 310ml tubes, 5kg buckets and almost any size required. Made in Germany and distributed worldwide.